Patrick Wareing is an ex-scientist who now works as a digital marketer, specialising in technical SEO, for an agency in Leeds.

In summer 2013, Patrick graduated with a masters in Chemistry, from the University of Hull. He took his first job immediately after graduating, at FMCG company RB, where he worked as an analytical chemist on brands such as Dettol and Bonjela.

In 2015, Patrick moved to a new role in Leeds at Unilever. He spent four and a half years working as an analytical and formulation scientist for the global deodorant category, developing new products for brands including Dove, Sure & Lynx.

In May 2019, Patrick decided to leave his career as a scientist and moved into the world of digital marketing. His first – and current – job is in a technical SEO role for an SEO agency in Leeds.

Prior to moving into digital marketing, Patrick has always had an interesting in digital marketing and has spent a lot of his spare time learning and teaching himself about it.

Patrick’s greatest achievement came from starting his first website. Teaching himself SEO to generate more and more traffic to his site, the website is now the leading website in its niche and has since expanded into America. Other notable digital marketing achievements include:

  • Working as an influencer for Amazon UK for 9 Years
  • Working as an influencer for National Lottery UK
  • Running a small e-commerce store specialising in branded sportswear

When he is not spending his time building another affiliate website, Patrick writes about life science and digital marketing combined here on his personal website.