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Should I Bother Creating a Blog for my Business?

Running a website is difficult at the best of times, so creating content for a blog seems like an awful lot of effort.

In this blog post, I am going to cover the benefits of blogging and why they matter.

This list in by no means exhaustive, with the benefits listed in no particular order.

Rank for the keywords you want to target

From an inbound marketing perspective, blog posts allow you to create content dedicated to specific keywords. And if you have keywords or phrases that you want to target from a business point of view, a blog post is the perfect opportunity.

You can create a post that discusses in depth, dedicated to a specific topic. These blog posts will benefit you SEO and should attract an audience you are trying to teach and provide them with the information they want.

If for example, somebody is trying to find a solution to a problem, you can write a blog post about the specific issue. how to overcome it, and then discuss a product or service that your business offers that will solve the issue.

Target long tail keywords

This is very much related to the point I made above.

If you are writing to target certain keywords or key phrases, then a well written piece of content will naturally rank for long tail keywords.

These keywords are generally less competitive and receive a lot fewer clicks.

So why bother?

Long tail keywords generally mean high level of intent from a user, meaning your content is ultra relevant to them.

Secondly, although long tail keywords usually receive less search impressions and clicks that a general keyword, targeting multiple keywords can soon generate a significant amount of additional  organic search traffic.

Constant flow of new content

There are many factors to how google and other search engines decide to rank content. One of these is how often websites get updated and produce new content.

If you publish a website with all the content at once and leave it, it will gradually suffer with SEO performance over the long term.

Publishing new content on a regular basis tells search engines that you are producing new and fresh content, which signals that your website should still be crawled by google and likely to help maintain and improve overall search rankings.

Internal linking opportunities

Small websites are generally easy to navigate and therefore easy to understand how content links together. Not just from a user point of view, but for search engines too.

As websites get bigger, this navigation isn’t always so clear, so you need to help it out.

By internally linking across your site – linking from one page to another – you can help add context to  search engines about the content on each page.

The text you use to link to another page also helps.

I have added a few internal links throughout this post; each time user the anchor text that is highly relevant to the content of the page I am linking to.

Adding more blog posts increases the opportunities for internal linking across a website and helps builds and maintain authority for your most important pages.

Become an authority figure

If you publish content consistently, that is also high quality – you are more likely to be seen as an authority figure in your industry.

You could just publish content in your websites name, but having individual writers with a scientific background, are likely to make you content more impactful and believable.

This is a great opportunity to offer your team members a platform to publish and share their content, and reap the benefits of SEO also.

Attract backlinks

Related to the above point, if you produce high quality content, written by authors with industry knowledge or experience, you are more likely to get referenced by other websites.

Each reference from another website is a backlink, and will likely provide additional authority to your website.

High quality backlinks are hard to come by, but producing the best content possible gives you the biggest opportunity to be linked to!


The points made in this article should be enough to convince any business to taking blogging seriously.

Blogging is not easy – or cheap – but do it well and you can see significant SEO benefits over a long period of time, resulting in more visitors, leads and sales for your business!

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