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A list of Marketing Agencies Specialising in The Life Science Industry

For this article, I have put together a list of life science marketing agencies that offer a range of different services, for clients based across Europe, North America, Asia and further afield.

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Here’s a list of agencies – in no particular order!

JPP Life Science Marketing

JPP is a specialist life sciences digital marketing based in The Netherlands, operating within Europe  that helps biotech and pharma companies scale up to get noticed, attract business, and delight their audience.
The agency distinguishes itself by enabling their clients to reach customers through original, authentic marketing combined with strategic business development advice.

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CG Life

CG Life are a life science and healthcare marketing and communications agency based across multiple cities in North America. As an agency, they have made many coveted industry lists and won awards for their marketing communications and PR work.

They offer a range of marketing and communication services for hire, including brand strategy, public relations, digital and content marketing.

Past and existing clients of CG Life include Sartorius, Pfizer and Bio-Rad.

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Orientation Marketing

Orientation Marketing is a life sciences, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical marketing agency based in Chester, UK.

The agency offers services such as media planning, media buying, pay-per-click and events, amongst other services.

If you are a life science marketing professional, you may be interested in viewing their vast range of marketing resources available for download which provide plenty of information to learn from.

They also have a great blog, which I have been lucky enough to be featured on. Read my post – ‘How to Use Content Marketing Funnels For Science Consumers‘.

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Forma Life Science Marketing

Forma Life Science Marketing is an agency based in Raleigh, NC that has been in business since 1987. They specialise in developing brand strategies and executing digital marketing initiatives for life science companies.

In terms of the services they offer, you can get in contact with regards to brand strategy and differentiation, trade shows & events, digital marketing, market research and more.

The team also offer a great range of resources; including an extensive blog, whitepapers and newsletter.

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Supreme – or Supreme Optimization – market themselves as experts in life science and digital marketing, offering a boutique experts, rather than generalists.

Offering a range of digital services such as research & analysis, web design & UX, web development and strategy & optimization, they serve clients in the pharma, medical device, healthcare and biotech industries.

Some of their clients include Trovagene, Bluebee and Integral Molecular.

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Alto Marketing

Alto Marketing is a healthcare & life science marketing agency based in Whiteley, UK, focusing on generating leads, raising awareness or changing brand position for life science businesses.

Some of the services include sales & channel marketing, PR & technical writing and marketing communications.

Their clients include Thermo Scientific, Hitachi and Pentax Medical.

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KDM Communications

KDM Communications is a specialist scientific marketing agency based in St Neots, UK which offers creative design and compelling content.

The agency offers a vast range of services, including content created, integrated marketing and social media and SEO.

Their portfolio shows a range of clients, such as Biohit Healthcare, Microban and ELGA.

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Biostrata Marketing

Biostrata is another UK based life science marketing agency that services industries such as biotech, instruments, tools & reagents and contract research amongst others.

Examples of clients they have worked with include Covance, Lonza and SFI Health.

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Altitude Marketing

Altitude are a B2B agency that serve clients within industries related to clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, biotechnology and healthcare technology spaces, particularly specialising in serving firms related to preclinical testing, clinical research, compliance, submissions, quality, validation and verification.

The agency offers a range of marketing services, including branding, PR, web development and media buying, and have served clients including Verista, Cognivia and Schulman IRB.

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Choosing a Life Science Marketing Agency, or Freelancer

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