Life Science Monthly Round Up December 2022 blog post

Life Science Monthly Round Up – December 2022

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Digital Marketing Updates

Backlinks Might Not Determine Future SEO Rankings

In a recent podcast discussing all things SEO and Google Discovery, Google Search Advocate John Muller has had his say on the future importance of backlinks for SEO. He mentions that as Google becomes more adept at understanding how a particular piece of content fits in with the rest of the website, Google’s algorithm might not be relying on inbound links in the future. However, Muller admitted that backlinks will still be crucial as a reference in discovering the content.

Science In The News

Lab-grown Blood Put Into People In The World-First Clinical Trial

Researchers from Cambridge, Bristol, London, and NHS have conducted the first-ever clinical trial using lab-grown blood, in an experiment involving a couple of spoonfuls of blood transfusion for people with blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia, with the future goal to manufacture ultra-rare blood groups beyond blood groups A, B, O, and AB that are challenging to get hold of otherwise. 

The blood is grown in the lab out of stem cells in a three-step process. The researchers are optimistic that lab-grown blood can become potent to treat blood disorders once they can overcome the technical and financial challenges.

Mushroom-based Drug: A Potential Alternative To Antidepressants?

A recent study on a hallucinogenic mushroom shows positive improvements in the treatment of depression. The trial performed on 233 people from 10 countries consisted of 1 mg, 10 mg, and 25 mg of a psilocybin compound. 

The results were favorable for a 25 mg dose that puts the patient in a dream-like state, creating an opportunity for psychological support. Although there are still three years to authorize the drug, researchers think it is essential to reduce the side effects and make the drug have long-lasting improvements for depression.

Mysterious Rocks from Western Australia indicate the oldest form of life on Earth

Tracking the oldest traces of life on Earth is easier said than done. However, an international team of researchers headed by London scientists has identified 3.48 billion old rocks, which according to them, indicates the ancient origin of humanity on Earth. The microscopy analysis of these rocks from Western Australia reveals structural consistency with a biological origin, with specific cues, like pillar-like palisade resulting from microbes’ growth and decaying organic material’s desiccation, further validating the researcher’s claim.

Scientific Innovations & Awards

Intrinsic Medicine developing therapies based on Human Milk

Intrinsic Medicine – a Seattle-based startup developing molecules matching those in human milk- has announced its merger with Phoenix Biotech Acquisition Corp (PBAX) to go public with its consolidated range of potential therapeutic compounds.

So far, the company is performing pre-clinical trials with these compounds for atopic dermatitis, autism spectrum disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis. The consolidation of Intrinsic Medicine and PBAX is expected to cost $178.8 million (USD), with Intrinsic Medicine hoping to perform phase 2 of clinical trials for irritable bowel syndrome and relieve patients of intestine disorders.

Startups, Financing & Acquisitions

Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Binding Site Group – The Global Leader In Specialty Diagnostics

Thermo Fisher Scientific has entered the agreement to acquire Binding Site Group from Nordic Capital at 2.6$ billion (USD). Headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Binding Site is an active contributor in providing diagnostic assays and instruments required to improve the diagnosis of blood and immune disorders. 

Thermo Scientific hopes to enhance the early diagnosis portfolio of melanoma and order cancers with this collaboration. The Binding Site Group is also thrilled and hopeful to better position themselves and accelerates their scientific discovery. The transaction, however, is expected to be completed in 2023. 

Irvine Company Plans To Carry Out The Largest Life Sciences Project In The Orange County

According to the plan, the company aims to construct four 128,000 square feet of offices and research buildings called Academy Point, next to the university of California. Academy Point will have lab-ready offices with medical, healthcare, and biotechnology research facilities. These four-story offices will also directly access UC Irvine, leading research hospitals, medical devices companies, and life sciences incubators. Since Orange County checks all the boxes of talent and research tenants are looking for, Academy Point would be the best core cluster of the life sciences market.

London’s Life Sciences Firms To Acquire Funding in Upcoming Stock Exchange

Biotech firms hit by the slump in value owing to political and economic turmoil are set to receive funding by Conviction Life Sciences. After the company observed medical technologies being undervalued in the UK, the investor company is considering biosciences firms to have attractive potential revenue growth. According to the plans, Conviction Life Sciences aims to spend 70% of the investment in public and 20% in private companies. 

Vitatrus To Become Leading Eye Care Space After Oyster Point Pharma and Famy Life Sciences Acquisition

On 7th November 2022, two-year-old Viatrus announced the acquisition of Oyster Point Pharma and Famy Life Sciences. Oyster, founded in 2017, discovers and develops therapies for treating eye diseases, whereas Famy Life Sciences is home to a great Opthalmology portfolio. Together with Oyster, and Famy Life Sciences, Viatrus hopes to shape the future of ophthalmology by addressing the unmet needs of patients and eye care professionals. The deal made of $750 million will close in the first quarter of 2023.

Policy, Legislation and Regulation

UK’s Chemistry-Oriented Small-Medium-Sized Enterprises Face Critical Space Shortage

The UK is a rich network of small technology-intensive startups that have grown from academic backgrounds, but only a few of these companies have grown into large enterprises. There might be a few challenges in the way, but the senior management suggests that the shortage of laboratory and research space is the biggest hurdle keeping them aback.

The UK is currently facing a countrywide shortage in the life sciences sector, and the most suffering niche is the chemistry sector, although chemistry enterprises are doing considerable research. With their demand for sufficient spaces for excellent air handling facilities and a large number of ducted fumes capacity, chemistry-based SMEs expect space expansion in the next five years.

Switzerland and UK sign Research Collaboration Memorandum

Switzerland and the UK have become official research collaborators, deepening relations in science, industry commercialization, and internal standard and regulation.

Switzerland is home to two top Europe universities, a large number of research laboratories, and huge companies making Switzerland a global innovation hub. The UK has seven universities in Europe’s top 10, a larger share of its research among the world’s most highly-cited and excellent research and innovation strengths. The two nations now hope to move faster and achieve higher in research and innovation together.