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Tip Biosystems

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Tip Biosystems are a Singapore-based life science company who are revolutionising the application workflows in industries where UV-vis spectrophotometric measurements are routinely performed. 

With their vision to create a global brand that is one of Asia’s largest laboratory device and consumables company within the next 8 years, digital marketing is one of the strategies that the company is implementing.

The Problem

The company got in contact with me for my life science content marketing services. They needed to create content regularly that would drive organic traffic and increase the number of leads to their sales team.

The Task

To implement a successful content marketing strategy, the company needed to know keywords and themes that were relevant to the products they offer. 

With a general set of ideas provided to me, I was able to perform research keyword and generate insights to the themes and topics that their target audience are looking for.

This resulted in me proving content briefs and written content that is uploaded regularly to the company blog page.

The Result

Content that I have written for Tip Biosystems has resulted in the company now ranking for relevant, high volume keywords to compete with larger competitors.

This has driven an increase in organic search traffic and the number of inbound leads for the business.

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Using third-party data, I have helped the company continue on the upwards trajectory in receiving more organic search traffic, whilst improving the number of ranking keywords and overall keyword positions.

Client Feedback

I continue to work with Tip Biosystems to provide content marketing and keyword research.

Merlin Trau, sales/marketing manager at Tip Biosystems gave me the following feedback:

"Patrick has been writing blog articles for Tip Biosystems for several months now. The well researched and SEO optimized articles + Patrick's marketing expertise resulted in a tremendous increase in organic traffic. If you're looking for a scientific writer, I can only recommend his services."

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