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Are you tired of spending too much money on traditional advertising or you want to reach your target market, but you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself?

Imagine getting more leads and sales from a single piece of content than you would from an entire month’s worth of print ads.

This is possible with life science content marketing! It can be used for everything from lead generation to brand awareness, and it works better than any other form of digital marketing today!

Life science content marketing provides a cost-effective way for businesses in the life sciences industry to connect with their target audience online. By creating engaging blog posts, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, videos – and more – that educate your potential customers!

What Can I Offer?

Being a scientist myself, I know what content scientists are used to engaging with.

Scientific content – regardless of the campaign – that is sufficiently technical, yet simple enough to be able to understand for any level of professional scientist.

And equally, I know the content must match the desired marketing outcome. For example, whitepapers are typically long-form and highly technical, yet social media remains fun and lighthearted.

Using my experience and knowledge from working in industry, combined with my marketing flair, I can turn the most complex topics into content that is engaging, yet highly valuable to the reader.

What content Types Do I Cover?

There is no content type that I will no consider working with; all businesses have different requirements after all.

However, below are a list of typical content formats I have covered:

Blog Posts & Articles

Blog posts and website articles are typically at the centre of most successful content marketing campaigns. Therefore, you need to make sure it actually works.

Using my knowledge of keyword research and SEO, I will help you write content that finds your audience

If your website copy is boring and uninspiring. It’s not helping you to convert visitors into customers.

Let me help you create  compelling scientific content for your site that will help turn browsers into buyers.

Email Copy

You know that your email copy is important for conversions but nobody wants to spend hours every week writing emails. 

Let me help write compelling subject lines, short paragraphs and sales collateral for your life science business.

Presentations are crucial to any researcher or scientist wanting to make their research known.

I help you to find a balance between clarity and creativity to make sure that your presentation gets through without being too boring or confusing.

Social Media Content

As a social media manager, you know that creating high-quality content for your brand is key to building engagement. 

I help brands like yours create amazing social media content on a daily basis so you can focus on what matters most.


White Papers and Case Studies are authoritative reports or guides that helps readers understand a complex scientific principle, and can often be lengthy and time-consuming.

My writing style engages readers while still providing the important facts needed for them to make a decision on whether or not your products/services meet their needs.



Time To Use A Scientific Content Creation Expert?

If you are looking to fulfil any scientific content needs mentioned above, or something a little different, why don’t you consider getting in touch?

Let’s discuss your marketing goals on a free consultation call – just get in contact with me below!

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