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As a life science business, you know that the digital world is changing fast and you need to keep up. But it’s not just about keeping on top of new technology – it’s also about staying ahead of your competition before they catch up.

You likely have enough to worry about without spending all your time trying to figure out how best to use social media or online advertising for your company. And with so much information available online, it can be hard even knowing where to start!

With my bespoke training, I will help you take control of this situation by breaking down these complex topics into easy-to-understand bite size pieces and giving you practical advice and tips from years of experience – as a scientist AND marketer. 

My aim is for you (or someone on your team) to learn everything they need in order run successful marketing campaigns quickly and easily – so that there’s no excuse not do so!

Teaching Scientists About Marketing

Most scientists will have little formal exposure to marketing, unless they have got involved in scicomm at some point in their careers. Whilst scientists are very good at their core competencies, they often struggle to market themselves and get their work out there.

Teaching scientists about digital marketing can be beneficial, whether they are going to be actively using it or not. It allows scientists that focus on research, to understand how their work is used and interacted with outside of their research lab.

I’ve been helping scientists learn how to market themselves better over the past few years by running workshops and courses focused on digital marketing skills. My goal is that every scientist can effectively communicate their science online in order to be more impactful in their field of research.

What Digital Marketing Training Can I Offer?

There are many aspects of digital marketing, with some being more beneficial than others to scientists.

Whether you want to learn how to engage with new audiences on social media, learn about SEO or start writing as part of a content marketing strategy, there are many different things I can help with.

But here’s an expanded list of examples I have been asked for advice on by clients:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Keyword Research
  • Understanding Backlinks
  • Digital PR Opportunities
  • Finding Freelancers and Subject Matter Experts

Time To Get the Digital Marketing Training you Require?

Whether it is for you, your team, or both, then I can offer the training you require.

Get in touch with me via the contact form below for a free consultation call and let’s discuss your next steps!

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