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Getting Started With Social Media For Life Sciences

Is your company’s website failing to reach the right audience? Or are you tired of seeing your competitors gain all the traffic while wondering about their strategies?

Regardless of what your company does, establishing a solid online presence is crucial for promoting scientific research, sharing groundbreaking discoveries, and engaging with a global audience.

My approach is to help you focus on creating tailored content that highlights your unique contributions to the life sciences and identifying the relevant platforms in the process – engaging with industry influencers, sharing compelling stories and amplifying your brand’s voice.

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What Aspects of SEO Can I Help With?

When it comes to social media, which platform should you pick? It really all comes down to what you want to say, and who you want to say it to:


LinkedIn is widely recognised as a ‘professional’ social network, providing a platform for individuals to connect with like-minded business professionals.

It offers valuable opportunities to gain insights into your industry, stay updated on the latest trends, and establish connections with other professionals to foster relationships and collaborate on projects.


Engage with relevant communities that align with your niche or industry, and actively participate by sharing valuable insights, answering questions, and building connections.

By optimising your presence within Facebook communities, you can expand your reach, foster meaningful engagement, and establish yourself as a trusted authority within your target audience.


Elevate your content marketing strategy by incorporating video content.

Additionally, optimise your videos using ‘YouTube SEO’ techniques to secure top positions in search results and Google SERPs.


Twitter is a dynamic platform for short-form social media content, enabling you to concisely convey your message.

Take advantage of viral or trending tweets to enhance your visibility and reach a wide audience.


Create captivating and visually appealing content that resonates with your audience, drives engagement, and utilises Instagram features to maximise the impact of your content.

By employing effective strategies and maintaining a consistent presence, you can cultivate a strong Instagram presence, attract a dedicated following, and effectively promote your brand.

Tik Tok

Leverage popular trends, challenges, and creative effects to capture the attention of your audience and drive engagement.

With strategic content optimisation and consistent posting, you can establish a strong presence on TikTok, gain a dedicated following, and effectively promote your brand to a vibrant and diverse user base.

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Time to Use a Life Science Social Media Expert?

If you’re looking to initiate or boost your life science brand’s presence on social media, I am a social media expert specialising exclusively in life sciences and related fields.

Let’s schedule a free consultation call to discuss your social media strategy.